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Your mental health matters!

Are you, or someone you know, struggling with:

Anxiety (including exam, performance or social anxiety), panic attacks, low or difficult moods, change, uncertainty, loss, feeling stuck or burnt out, frustration, not achieving your goals, problematic behaviours, relationship or family issues or simply managing life’s many challenges…?

Whether it’s coaching, counselling or psychotherapy you seek, whether you’re wanting to heal, survive, thrive, or flourish, I provide a highly personalised collaborative way of working to best fit your unique needs.

I offer a safe supportive place for you to explore, gain understanding and learn ways to manage difficult experiences, make the changes you want or come to terms with situations that have or are impacting negatively on you emotionally and psychologically.

Life can be challenging at the best of times and especially now during this uncertain, stressful and isolating time. Establishing routines, finding ways to relax, being kind to yourself, developing positive habits and behaviours, managing unhelpful thoughts and difficult feelings, staying connected to others and seeking help when needed are all important ways to stay mentally healthy.

If you are struggling to do these things, if you are feeling lost, isolated, scared, frustrated, bored, helpless or hopeless, if it’s difficult asking friends or family for help…

Please do get in touch. I offer online appointments to clients across the UK. 

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